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How to get from Heathrow Airport to Stansted Airport:
Number one option for travel between Heathrow Airport and Stansted Airport is the National Express coach.
Remember that the times listed below are all journey times. As for transferring between airports you must allow time for picking up bags and walking over to the transport of your choice and of course the check-in times at the destination airport. In general this would be around 75 minutes from landing and at least an hours check-in time at the destination airport.

National Express have 3 buses making this connection to Stansted from Heathrow. All have onboard WC. Tickets can be bought at the airport. Note that you should be looking for the bus number and not the destination on the information screen in the coach itself as the Heathrow and Stansted stops are just part of much longer routes for the coaches.
They operate up 28 times daily from 03.00 till 23.15
717 via Hatfield
727 via Waltham Abbey
797 via Waltham Abbey
Expect your coach journey to Heathrow to take between 80-120 minutes. Cost is around from £20 single adult, £40 return
Transfer from terminals 4 and 5 can be up to 20 minutes longer. They are on the opposite side to the central Bus station which serves terminals 2, and 3.
>>>Detailed information on National Express to Stansted

Heathrow is not directly connected to the mainline rail network. Using the train is really only an option if you wish to combine the journey with a stop or stay in London.
There are four main options if you wish to make the journey by train but whether or not these are realistic options is debatable. They offer no benefit over coach transfers in terms of time or cost. They all involve at least 3 changes of connection. Also note that you cannot get directly onto the Heathrow Express from terminal 4.

1: Take the Heathrow Express into Paddington Station. Transfer to the tube and take the Hammersmith and City Line out to Liverpool Street Station. Take the Stansted Express out to Stansted Airport.

Heathrow Express: £22 (online), £22 (ticket machine), £27 (on train)  (15-23 minutes)
Paddington to Stansted via Liverpool Street: from £19 (about 85 minutes)
Time: approximately 100-108 minutes. cost around £41

2: as above but take the TFL Rail service instead of the Heathrow Express. The Connect service is not non-stop but is cheaper.
TFL Rail service Cost: £10.20 per adult
Time: approximately 108-113 minutes. Total cost around £29.20

3: Take the tube into London on the Piccadilly Line. Change at Holborn Station onto the Central Line and travel to Liverpool Street Station. Take the Stansted Express out to the airport.

Tube fare: Cash: £6 per adult (£3 11-15 yrs), Contactless £5.10 peak, £3.10 off-peak (apx 75 minutes)
Stansted Express: £16.60 (apx 40 minutes)
Time: approximately 115 minutes. Cost from �22.60

Transfers between Heathrow and Stansted Airport by road are via the M4/M25/M11 motorways.
On leaving Heathrow again pickup the West bound section of the M4 at Junction 4 and then join the M25 Northbound Clockwise section at its junction 15. Leave the M25 at its junction 27 and pickup the M11 motorway Northbound. You will travel around 20 miles on the M11. Again the journey will be well sign posted.

Cheapest Option
 You can take the tube into Victoria (requires change at Hammersmith from the Piccadilly line to the District line) or Baker Street (change at Gloucester Road) and then take an easybus out to Stansted airport. The advantage of the easybus service is that if you book early enough you can get fares from £2. This option could also be of interest if you looking to stay in London overnight or longer before making the trip out to Stansted airport.
 Expect your total journey to take around 2 to 3 hours. Total cost of journey is around £8 - £18 depending on how early you book for a standard single fare.

 >>>tube fares

A London black cab will cost around £200. However the destination is more than 20 miles from the airport which means they can refuse the job or negotiate a different fare (basically you can haggle).

A private hire minicab will cost around £90.

Expect your journey by car/taxi/minicab to take 40-80 minutes.
Expect your coach journey to Stansted Airport to take 80-120 minutes.
The distance from Heathrow Airport to Stansted Airport is 64.8 miles/104.3 km via the M25 or 42.1 miles/67.8 km in a straight line.
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