EasyBus in the well known Stelios Easy livery of orange and white lettering now run a minibus service into London from Luton, Gatwick and Stansted airports. Originally using minibuses rather than larger coaches easybus to enable a cheaper and higher frequency service. The Luton airport route is actually run by National Express and the Greenline 747. The whole easybus venture is along the well tried lines of other Easy type branded services.
The earlier you book the less you pay. This is due to the pricing structure where the first number of seats are sold at the lowest price, the next allocation goes at a slightly more expensive rate and so on.
You can pay on arrival at the airport but seats are only by availability so booking online is your best bet. Additionally if you don't book online you will automatically be charged the top rate for the seats.
When you book your only option is to book from either London or your chosen airport, however once you book you can get off and on at any of the stops along the route.

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Between London and Luton
Luton to Victoria (via Finchley Road, Baker Street, Marble Arch)
Luton to Liverpool Street (stops on Commercial Road)

Between £3.95 and £10
Journey Time: 60-95 minutes to Victoria, about 65 minutes to  Liverpool Street

Between London and Stansted
Stansted to Baker Street/Gloucester Place NW1
Stansted to Old Street (London City)

£1.95- £12
Journey Time: 95-115 minutes to Baker Street, about 75 minutes to Old Street

Between London and Gatwick
Gatwick to Waterloo
Gatwick to Victoria (via Streatham High Road, Stockwell Tube Station, Vauxhall Park)
Gatwick to Earls Court/West Brompton

Cost: £1.95 - £11
Journey Time: 65-95 minutes to Victoria, about 60 minutes to Waterloo, about 70 minutes to Earls Court

Luggage allowance:

Prohibited Items:
Skis, Snowboards, Sailboards, Golf Clubs, Windsurfers, Surfboards and similar items Wheelchairs (folding / non folding), Battery Powered Scooters Bicycles (folding / non folding), Prams and Pushchairs (Non Folding),  Weapons, Drugs (other than medicines), Solvents Live or Dead Animals (except permitted guide dogs) Fish, Insects.
Single Pushchairs (buggies and strollers) can be carried providing that they are fully collapsible. Large wheeled three wheelers do not normally fully collapse. Double Pushchairs (buggies and strollers) will not be carried.

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