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Mystery/Supersaver Hotels
Supersaver Mystery Hotels (also called secret hotels) offer great savings on the regular cost of the hotel. We cannot tell you the name of the hotel until booking confirmation but you are guaranteed to be booking one of the best-selling 3, 4 or 5 star hotels. Secret hotels are growing in popularity thanks to the genuine savings they offer over standard rates.

You have options We have options for all the London airports including Heathrow. Gatwick, Stansted and Luton. Just use the drop down box and select your desired airport.
The only catch to a mystery hotel is the fact that you wont get the name of the hotel until your booking is confirmed via email. Some people copy and paste the text from each hotel description and do online searches to find the hotel. They can then confirm that these rates are all lower than you would pay booking the hotel conventionally. Why is it done this way? Well these are last minute sales for the hotel to fill up all their rooms and they do not want to compete against their normal rates. So its win win for the customer in the know. Why not bookmark this page so you can always check for the latest deals available.
Remember that you will not have a wait to find out which hotel you have booked, if it isn't already obvious from the hotel description you will see onscreen, you will have all the details just as soon as you click to confirm your mystery hotel saver booking. An email confirmation is sent straight away and in that email is the name and address of the hotel and directions to the hotel.
London is one of the most expensive cities in the world for hotels and any chance to cut a deal must be an opportunity too good to miss. Of course we wouldn't suggest this is always the way to go, by booking conventionally through the main hotel website or online booking pages you will have a full choice of rooms and deals. Remember super savers are the rooms the hotel is having to discount so clearly this is the way to go is the best low rates are your main concern. Other than the above there really isn't a downside.

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