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Marble Arch is located at the top of Park Lane. The name is now used for the whole gyratory system at this point which marks the intersection of Bayswater Road, Oxford Street, Park Lane and Edgware Road. However Marble Arch itself is the while Carrara Marble Structure that stands in the centre of the island at the centre of the gyratory system. Designed by John Nash in 1828 as the gateway to Buckingham Palace it was erected at the bottom of the mall. The design was based around the triumphal arch of Constantine in Rome. Incredibly was too narrow to allow the royal stage coach to pass through and was moved its present location in 1851 when Buckingham Place was enlarged and improved by Edward Blore. When first moved the Arch was the entrance to Hyde Park but since 1908 it has simply stood in its own grounds, an island in effect, as a popular tourist attraction. Though it looks quite small at first sight it was actually used as a police station with 3 small rooms till 1950. The Arch is blocked off from the surrounding traffic though it is used on rare occasions for processions. The road running through it is called Tyburn Way.

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Marble Arch viewed from the North end of Hyde Park looking towards Edgware Road
Marble Arch - Thumbnail
Marble Arch - Thumbnail
Marble Arch - Thumbnail
Marble Arch - Thumbnail

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