London is served by five major airports that run international flight services. Two of these, Heathrow and Gatwick are among the worlds busiest international airports. Two are to the North of the capital, one to the west, one to the south and one to the East. In truth only Heathrow and London City airport are within London proper, even though they all advertise themselves as a London airport. For central London Heathrow is the most convenient accessed in around 40 minutes via the A4 and M4. For East London areas such as the financial area (square mile) and the Docklands/Canary Wharf then London City Airport is your best bet, but flights are somewhat limited and mainly only serve domestic and European airports. Luton and Stansted will take you around an hour from central London but Stansted is quicker from East London.
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Search For >>>Heathrow Airport Hotels
The worlds busiest international airport and second busiest cargo airport. 4 terminals, one of which is just for British Airways.

>>>Gatwick Airport Hotels
Located to the far South of London with 2 terminals, North and South. The second busiest airport in the UK.

>>>Stansted Airport Hotels
Growing fast as an international Airport and home to many budget airlines. The UK's 3rd busiest airport. A single open-plan award terminal. Located to the North East of London.

>>>Luton Airport Hotels
Once the poor man of the 4 major international London airports. Luton has grown rapidly with a new extension to its terminal and added facilities airside. Investment and work continues at Luton Airport. Located North of London.

>>>London City Airport Hotels
Mainly used for flights into Europe and for serving the financial heartland of London.

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