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Use our lodging guide to search for your London hotel. Use our alphabetical index of all hotels we list. This index includes past names of hotels for historical searches making it easy to search for hotels you once stayed at but have now re-branded or just changed their name.


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Trivia: London gets it's name from the ancient name of LONDINIUM. The Romans invaded Britain in AD43 and built a wooden bridge close to the East side of where London Bridge now stands around AD50.  Queen Bodecia led an attack on the City around AD60 burning the City to the ground in the process. It took about a decade for London to rise again and by AD140 it became the capital of Britain or what at that time was known as Britannia. London was still yet to grow into anything like the huge bustling cosmopolitan City we associate it with being today and between the years 410 (the end of the Roman occupation in Britain) and 560 became almost deserted by the population. The true birth of the modern London did not begin in earnest until the Anglo-Saxons settled there around the year 600.
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The modern hotel era really began from the 1800's onwards when larger hotels came on the scene. Before this travellers mostly used small Inns which were little more than pubs with rooms. For more on the history of London hotels,  >>>Read more here

This page is our full index of hotels that are located within Greater London

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