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Situated on the corner of Hyde Park and marble Arch this is the world famous area where anyone can speak his mind on any topic. From the world famous to the complete eccentric you will find them all on a soap box and giving a speech. Speakers corner is active on Sundays around late morning time. Public Speaking in this corner is actually a right enshrined in legislation via the 1872 Royal Parks and Gardens Regulation Act. Little known is the fact that a group called the Reform League actively campaigned for the right to speak freely in Hyde Park. This came to a head in July 1866 when they broke free of a large police presence blocking their entry into the park and successfully held a political debate within Hyde Park. It was a response to this campaign that brought about the legislation. One of the reasons that this corner of Hyde Park was of such significance was due to this being the site of the infamous Tyburn hanging tree. Used as the place for public hangings from around 1192 until 1759 and now marked by a plaque in the ground on the North side of Marble Arch.

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Speakers Corner
Speakers Corner viewed from the North end of Hyde Park by Marble Arch.
Speakers Corner
Speakers Corner viewed from the Hyde Park looking towards Marble Arch.
Speakers Corner
Always popular with the tourist looking for a photo opportunity.
Speakers Corner
While any subject can be expressed its more often than not the place for non-mainstream religious views.

Speakers Corner pictures
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