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One of London's' most famous markets is Camden Market. This is actually made up from 5 smaller markets that together became known as Camden Market. Collectively these markets attract around 150,000 per week to the area. While the market really comes to life on weekends and especially Sundays, may stalls are open all week long.
The major part of the market is the North end of Camden High Street; this is the section that runs between Camden Town Station and Chalk Farm Road. On weekends the street is lined with a rich mixture of stalls selling anything from fashion and jewellery to second hand items and fruit and veg.
'Stables Market' with around 350 shops and stalls unsurprisingly gets its name from its former use as stables which included a horse hospital to care for horses injured pulling barges along Regents Canal. This is located by the junction with Chalk Farm Road and Camden High Street.
'Camden Lock market' has been trading since 1975 and gets its name from the Lock by the bridge over Regents canal where its located.
'Camden Canal Market' is located opposite Camden Lock Market and has around 150 stalls.
'Buck Street market' is a collection of around 200 stalls at the junction of Buck Street and Camden High Street.
'Inverness Market' on the junction of Inverness Street and Camden High Street was originally a fruit and vegetables market and has been located on this site since 1900. Now the stalls and shops sell a variety of products and articles.

In March 2008 a huge fire destroyed much of Canal market which is part of Camden market.

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pictures taken 13th February 2005, noon.
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Camden High Street North camden market camden market
Looking North from Camden Tube Station (near, right) up the North End of Camden High Street. view 2 view 3 Camden Market along Camden High Street includes many smaller markets. view 5

buck street market tasty corner
Buck Street Market view 7 view 8 Camden Lock Tasty Corner Falafel's, corner of Camden High Street and Hawley Crescent.

Oxford Arms London Piercing Studio Henry J. Bean's canal cruise camden market
Oxford Arms market stool. London Piercing Studio Henry J. Bean's By the Bridge over Regents Canal, 250 Camden High Street,  is this spot for booking a canal cruise. view 15

camden lock regents canal camden lock market camden lock
Camden Lock Regents Canal Camden Lock Market Camden Canal Market Camden Lock, end of Camden High Street.

camden lock market town crier camden lock market camden lock market camden lock market
Camden Lock Market, top end. Camden Lock Market, town crier. Camden Lock Market, view 4. Camden Lock Market, view 5. Camden Lock Market, view 6.

Stables Market stables market, breathless stables market stables market stables market
Stables Market Breathless shop in Stables Market Stables Market, view 3 Stables Market, view 4 Stables Market, view 5

stables market stables market stables market
Stables Market, view 6 Stables Market, view 7 Stables Market, view 8

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