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Kenwood House is a magnificent neoclassical mansion/villa that is home to an internationally acclaimed collection of works of art (contains works from the likes of William Larkin, Van Dyck, Lel, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Turner, Gainsborough and Reynolds).
Kenwood House and its collections of art were bequeathed to the country in 1927 by Edward Guinness, 1st Earl of Iveagh, upon his death and in 1928 was opened up to the general public. The rooms of this historic house have recently been re-presented to enhance the collection and to add to the sense of grace and luxury, and are now available for exclusive hire. Kenwood House is situated within magnificent and extensive grounds which includes a lake and extend out to Hampstead Heath and Parliament Hill to the south, making for a great stroll on a summers day. Popular with bird watchers thanks to the wildlife that makes it home within the grounds.
The original 17th century construction was brick but the house was remodelled from 1764 until 1773 by Robert Adam for William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield (who bought the house in 1754). Elements of the house have been added over the years such as the orangery in 1700 and additional wings from 1793 to 1796.
Today the estate is under the care of English Heritage who have continue to improve the facilities and house itself, in many cases restoring the original look to many parts of the interior.
To the rear of Kenwood is a cafeteria with its own gardens where you can enjoy a snack or meal. Next door to the restaurant is the visitor information centre along with a shop selling ornaments and plants.
Opening Hours:
 Apr - Sep: 10am - 5.30pm
Oct: 10am - 5pm
Nov - Mar: 10am - 4pm
24 - 26 Dec & 1 Jan & 1 - 2pm throughout year Closed
Wed and Fri the house opens at 10.30am
Park stays open late

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Kenwood House, front.
Kenwood House, front.
Kenwood House, Rear.
Kenwood House, Rear.
Wide angle rear view.
Wide angle rear view.
Grounds of the estate.
Grounds of the estate.
Henry Moore statue
Henry Moore statue.
Restaurant and information centre
Restaurant and information centre.
Garden of the restaurant
Garden of the restaurant.

London Pictures, Kenwood House

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