Photos Of A Walk Along Oxford Street

Oxford Street is world famous for having one of the largest densities of shops per square foot of any shopping area in the world. In excess of 300 shops trade along this near mile and a half long road and around 60,000 people work here. While traffic is restricted along its length, buses and taxis make it a busy road but together with the 4 tube stations found in this area they also make it one where public transport is easy to find. Constantly touted by the London Mayor for pedestrianisation this has yet to be put into action. Oxford Street runs from Marble Arch at its Western end to Tottenham Court Road (St Giles Circus) at its Eastern end.
The HMV record store at 363 Oxford Street is the oldest record shop in the world.
Oxford Street was originally part of a Roman highway which joined Hampshire with Colchester.
It was in the late part of the eighteenth century and into the early nineteenth century that Oxford Street started to grow as a shopping area with some large retailers opening stores in this location. These days some 200 million visitors come to Oxford Street annually of which about 9 million are visitors from overseas. 60% of all visitors to London visit this shopping area.
One of the highlights each year along Oxford Street are the Christmas lights. Each year in November a celebrity or bunch of celebrities are invited to flick the switch to turn on the themed lighting which hovers over the entire length of the road. A wonderful sight of an evening and adds to the festive feel and atmosphere of Christmas shopping.

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Oxford Street, looking East from just past Marble Arch
Oxford Street, looking East by Selfridges and North Audley Street.
Walking further eastwards
continuing the stroll
Oxford Street has a plentiful supply of souvenir stools.
another souvenir stand
Its a long walk along Oxford Street, about half way now!
You can just make out Oxford Circus from here.
Nearly at Oxford Circus
On Sunday Mornings you can hear the salvation Army brass band.
Oxford Circus, which marks the junction between Regent Street and
 Oxford Street.
Just past Oxford Circus and continuing East along Oxford Street
Making our way towards St Giles Circus
St Giles Circus is just visible now.
The end of Oxford Street, St Giles Circus.
 The Junction with Tottenham Court Road
Centre Point
Dominion Theatre

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