Photos from Soho and Chinatown

Soho is the area of London bordered by Oxford Street (North), Regent Street (West), Shaftesbury Avenue (South) and Charing Cross Road (East). Just to the South of Shaftesbury Avenue is China Town and these two areas can be thought of as one. The area is in the W1 postcode but also borders with WC2.
Since the swinging 1960's Soho has become synonymous with the sex industry and while its true that there are a number of adult oriented shops and services Soho is far more than that. A vibrant and bustling area with many pubs, clubs and many continental restaurants. For example Soho is home to the famous Ronnie Scots Jazz club. London Theatre land borders with Soho and here you will find a host of famous theatres such as the London Palladium, Prince Edward Theatre and the Geilgud Theatre. Soho has something to offer through to the small hours of the morning when you can will still find somewhere for a quick coffee to finish off tour evening. China Town as the name implies has a large Chinese population and the shops and restaurants reflect this culture.
Soho itself takes it name from an old middle ages hunting cry, SO-HO! And reflects its use as a hunting ground for the gentry in a long gone era. While its history dates back to its origins as a small village on the outskirts of London in the middle ages it wasn't until the 1800's that Soho began to establish itself as the one of the major areas for nightlife in London.
During its history the area has been a popular destination for immigrants from different parts of the world and today this is still in evidence in the multicultural makeup of the area. Streets such as Geek Street, the French Church in Soho Square and of course China Town give evidence to the past makeup of the population. Soho has become associated with the music industry in recent times with labels having headquarters in the area and some small specialist shops for vinyl records can be found here. Another association for the area is the gay scene with some pubs and clubs becoming favoured by the gay crowd.

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Soho Green in the middle of Soho Square.
Soho Square
Looking South down Greek Street from Soho Square.
Looking South down Frith Street from Soho Square.
Ronnie Scott's Jazz club on Frith Street.
Plenty of cafes around, this ones on Frith Street.
Corner of Old Compton Street and Frith Street.
The Three Greyhounds Pub on Old Compton Street.
Old Compton Street looking West and viewed from Charing Cross Road.
Prince Edward Theatre on Old Compton Street.
Old Compton Street Ed's diner with Cambridge Circus far right.
Palace Theatre on Cambridge Circus.
The BT Tower is clearly visible looking from Old Compton Street.
Dean Street as seen from Old Compton Street.
Looking North up Wardour Street.
Between Soho and Chinatown is Shaftesbury Avenue where many of London's best known theatres are situated.
Gerrard Street, the heart of Chinatown.
Gerrard Street, one of several oriental restaurants.
Wardour Street, South side, some of of the many restaurants.

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