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St James's Palace, built in 1531, is located 450 yards from Buckingham Palace and has been used as a royal residence since being 1702. Only the 16th century Gateway remains of the original structure having suffered damage over the years including a large fire in 1809.
Steeped in history the Palace has seen many historical events over the years including Henry VIII's illegitimate son Henry Fitzroys death, Anne Boleyn staying the night after her coronation, Mary Tudor signing the treaty surrendering Calais, Elizabeth I stayed here during the danger from the Spanish Aramada, births and baptisms including Charles II, James II, Mary of York (Mary II), Anne of York (Queen Anne) and James Francis Edward Stuart (the Old Pretender), Charles I imprisonment in 1649 before his execution, Queen Victoria's married Albert in 1840 and Queen Elizabeth II first speech as queen was made here in 1952.
There is no interior access to the public but the Palace can be viewed any time from Cleveland Row at the end of Pall Mall or from Marlborough Road. The Palace is also used as offices for the Royal Family and for special events and occasions. The Palace is actually the official residence for the current monarch although they actually stay at Buckingham Palace when in London. St James's Palace is built on the site of the former Hospital of St James, Westminster, and was commissioned by Henry VIII along with St James's Park. Its original name was St James's House. The grounds of St James's Place also include Clarence House, The Queen's Chapel and Chapel Royal, Friary Court and Lancaster House.

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St James's Palace
St James's Palace seen from Pall mall by St James's Street.
Friary Court
Friary Court on the side of St James's Palace where the 18 year old Queen Victoria
 was first seen by her subjects.
St James's Palace viewed from the South end of St James's Street.
On Guard outside St James's Palace

St James's palace pictures

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