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Construction of the Tower of London was order by William of Normandy (William the Conqueror) and finished around 1098 by his sons and successors. The tower was a huge undertaking at approaching 100 feet in height and with walls nearly 15 feet thick. Today the Tower of London is an amazing site by Tower Bridge, looking much like a snapshot from centuries before. However its been continually built, re-built and renovated during all of its history. This means there are examples of architecture and artefacts from over 900 years. There are some 22 separate towers, all with their own unique bit of history. perhaps the best known being the Bloody Tower where several deaths occurred.
There is much to see inside the buildings and grounds. Of course the most viewed exhibit is the Crown Jewels in Jewel House (Waterloo Block) however there's also a huge collection of arms, armour and assorted weapons from years gone by within the White Tower. Each tower has its own exhibits, many with large screens telling the history of the specific tower in words, pictures and sound.
 Also synonymous with the Tower are the Beefeaters (Yeoman Warders, who officially guard the Tower of London) and the Ravens. Legend says that if ever there were to be less than 6 Ravens within the castle this would lead to the fall of both the Tower of London and England itself.

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tower of london - north east
Tower of London north east view
tower of london - north
Tower of London north side
tower of london - north west
North West corner
tower of london tickets
ticket area
the tower shop
the tower shop.
tower of london - south west
south west corner
main entrance
main entrance
west side
west side
bell tower
Bell Tower
beefeater tour
Beefeater guided tour
water lane
Water Lane.
St Thomas's Tower exterior
St Thomas's Tower
st thomas's tower
Inside St Thomas's Tower
edward I bedchamber
Edward I's Bedchamber
King Edwards hall
King Edwards Hall
traitors gate
Traitors Gate
raves at the tower of london
Ravens cage area
great hall
Inner Keep area
paddington bear
Paddington Bear
lanthorn tower
Lanthorn Tower
lanthorn tower south
Lanthorn Tower south side
inside lanthorn tower
Lanthorn Tower interior
turkish bronze cannon
Turkish Bronze Cannon
salt tower
Salt Tower.
queen elizabeth II arch
Queen Elizabeth II Arch
cradle tower
Cradle Tower
wardrobe tower
Wardrobe Tower
24 pounder gun and cast iron carriage
24 pounder gun and cast iron carriage
fusiliers museum
Fusiliers Museum
jewel house
EJewel House
brian catling sculpture
Brian Catling Sculpture
tower green
Tower Green
beauchamp tower
Beauchamp Tower
beauchamp tower ground floor
Beauchamp Tower ground Floor
beauchamp tower grafitti
Beauchamp Tower Grafitti.
Chapel Royal of St Peter ad Vincula
Chapel Royal of St Peter ad Vincula
white tower
The White Tower
small armoury
small armoury.
small armoury
small armoury
line of kings.
Line of Kings
Chapel of St John the Evangelist
Chapel of St John the Evangelist.
royal castle
Royal Castle Display
royal armoury
Royal Armoury
nations arsenal
Nations Arsenal
nations arsenal
Nations Arsenal
artillery room
artillery room
artillery room
artillery room
victorian tower room
victorian tower room
gift shop
White Tower gift shop
bloody tower
Bloody Tower.
Portcullis Mechanism
Sir Walter Raleigh study
Sir Walter Raleighs' study

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