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In common with the National Express Stansted/Luton route, the Luton to Gatwick option goes via Heathrow Airport. Unfortunately this is the long way round the M25 motorway adding some 40 miles to the overall distance. Still if your looking for a no-hassle way of transferring between the two airports the National Express coach is your only option with no changes. Beware however that some services advertised as an option on the National express website require a change of bus at Heathrow Airport. That option is the 787 that then becomes the 230, or the other way round if you start from Gatwick Airport. Only the 707 will take you from Luton Airport to Gatwick Airport with no changes, and of course the same vice versa. The usual warning applies to this journey about the possible congestion along the M25. Traffic is always heavy in the morning and evening rush hours on week days. All buses stop at Hemel Hempstead bus station on route.
If your looking for the fastest way to make the journey between airports then take a look at the Fist Capital Connect Rail Option.

National Express from Luton Airport
Coaches run from Luton town (Galaxy Centre, Station Road and Dunstable Road) itself before arriving at the airport. At Luton Airport the coaches stop right outside the terminal building (there is only one terminal though its split into two sections). You cant miss the National Express coach as the bus forecourt isn't overly large and all the stops are clearly signposted.
coaches covering this route:
No changes: 707: From 3.45 till 01.45 with an average of a 2 hour wait between coaches.
Change required: 230/787: Normal service is 04.45 till 20.45 a 2 to 2.5 hourly service.
If your going to Gatwick's south terminal this will add 10 minutes to your journey time.

National Express from Gatwick Airport
From Gatwick Airport you just follow the signs for the coach pickup area which are in front of the terminals. All you need to do is read the sings telling you which busses leave from what numbered stop. Coaches from the south terminal go on to pickup from the north terminal adding 10 minutes to your journey time, so add those 10 minutes to the below for north terminal.
No changes: 707: From 5.45 till 21.50 with an average of a 2 hour wait between coaches.
Change required: 230/787: Normal service is 06.10 till 23.30 from the south terminal with on average a 2 to 2.5 hourly service.

Journey Time and Fares
Expect the no-change 707 to take between 130 and 180 minutes (2 hours 10 minutes to 3 hours).
Expect the 230/787 with transfer at Heathrow to take between 150 - 220 minutes (2.5 to 3 hours 40 minutes)
The Cost is from from £20 (single), £40 (return) (£1 booking fee)
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Quick Facts
National Express are the number one operator for UK wide coaches.
Purchasing tickets online means you receive an emailed e-ticket. Emailed almost immediately so very little time delay no matter where you are in the world.
Options to reserve a seat, but only when you specify the exact time of the scheduled coach.
Big savings for return tickets.
One child under 3 years of age may travel free for each fare paying passenger adult.
Children 3-15 have reduced fares.
Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
Luggage allowance is 2 medium sized suitcases up to 20 kg each and one item of hand luggage.
Additional luggage is allowed (normally) but with a surcharge.
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