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Heathrow Airport is not connected to the mainline national rail network. To make a connection to the national rail network you need to take advantage of the Railair coach services from the airport.

Services running from the airport are the London underground Tube network on the Piccadilly line, the Heathrow Express and the TFL Rail services into Paddington.

*Note: The Heathrow express and the TFL Rail route between Hayes & Harlington CANNOT be used with a travelcard. Only the tube service from Heathrow can be used with a travelcard. You cannot use an Oyster Card on the Heathrow Express.

Heathrow Express

Owned and operated by BAA the Heathrow Express came into service in 1999 at a cost of some £450 million pounds, and has gone from strength to strength.
This is a non-stop train service between Heathrow Airport and Paddington Station.
Timetable: Trains operate every 15 minutes from 5.07 until 23.47.
The journey time is 15 minutes from Terminals 2 and 3 and 23 minutes from terminal 5. (does not stop at terminal 4, for this terminal change at the central area to the TFL Rail service, no extra fare involved)
The 100 mph+ trains include baby changing facilities and handicap accessible toilets. Other facilities on the train include a TV, specially fitted electronics to allow the use of mobile phones throughout the journey, even in the tunnels and designated quiet zones. The Quiet Zones are available in Express Class and are special areas where there is no TV and mobile phone use is not permitted.
Since 2008 its been possible to have your ticket sent straight to your mobile phone and so avoid the queues when collecting the ticket from the station.
There are two class types for Express journeys, First Class and Express Class. In First Class you have a place to hang your coat, a larger than normal seat and extra leg-room compared to Express Class.

2018 Fares:
Ticket Name Adult Fare Kids under 16
Express Class Open Single
if purchased on train
Express Class Open Return
if purchased on train
Business Class Open Single
Business Class Open Return
*Express Class Carnet 6 £109.80 -
Business Class Carnet 6 £160 -
Express Class Carnet 12 £198 -
Business Class Carnet 12 £288 -
*A Carnet ticket is 6 or12 fares in one ticket valid for one year.

A discount is available on all fares when booked online (especially for advance bookings) and there is also a £5 surcharge if you wait till you have actually bordered the train before buying a ticket.
enquiries: +44 (0) 345 600 1515 (09:00-17:00 weekdays) +44 (0) 345 600 1515 (09:00-17:00 weekdays)

2018 Advance Fares:
Ticket Name Adult Fare Kids under 16
90 Day Advance Express Saver £12.10 -
90 Day Advance Business First Weekend £5.50  
90 Day Advance Express Saver Weekend £7.50 -
30 Day Advance Express Saver £14.30 -
30 Day Advance Express Saver Weekend £8.80 -
30 Day Advance Business First Weekend £12 -
14 Day Advance Express Saver £16.50 -
14 Day Advance Express Saver Weekend £12.10 -
14 Day Advance Business First Weekend £16.50 -
Heathrow Express have used since October 2006 illuminated images on the tunnel walls to give the affect of an advertising movie. The idea is that people on trains simply gaze through a window and so now it will appear you are watching a moving image. This of course is for the use of advertising and is being used in partnership with Canadian firm. This was notable as being the first such scheme in Europe.
Heathrow Express Website

TFL Rail

Following the success of the Heathrow Express service BAA  introduced a new in June 2005 service in conjunction with First Great West Link that makes stops on route to Paddington. This was called the Heathrow Connect and on May 20th 2018 became the TFL Rail service. The service does not run along the same high speed line as the Heathrow Express but uses a slower section of the rail network.
The stations the TFL Rail train stops at are Hayes, Southall, Hanwell, West Ealing, Ealing Broadway, Acton Mainline and finally stopping at Paddington Station.
Cost depends on which station you travel to and tickets range from £6.20 to £10.20 one way. . As this service is run by TFL as is the London tube service, you can use your contactless method of oyster card and benefit from daily/weekly price capping.
2018 fares:
To and from Heathrow Airport Peak Off Peak
Contactless or Oyster Payment
Terminal 4  
Terminals 2&3  
Hayes & Harlington £6.20 £6
Southall £6.90 £6
Hanwell £6.90 £6
West Ealing £7.30 £6
Ealing Broadway £7.30 £6
Acton Mainline £7.30 £6
London Paddington £10.20 £10.10

Heathrow to Ealing can be travelled in less than 20 minutes using this route.
Timetable: Trains run from 5.30 till half past midnight at 30 minute intervals.
The journey time between Heathrow 1,2 and 3 and Paddington is 23 minutes. The TFL Rail service also stops at terminal 4 which takes around another 5 minutes journey time. For terminal 5 change over to the Heathrow Express at the central area (free for this connection).

The Underground and Heathrow Express/TFL Rail entrances are separate. Do not use one thinking it can also be used for the other services. From terminal 2 you will pass by the underground entrance before you come to the Heathrow Express and Connect entrance. From terminal 3 the Express/TFL Rail entrance is before the tube entrance. When following signs at Heathrow make sure you follow the symbols for the express and Connect and not the underground symbol.

TFL Rail service:
Heathrow Express:
Underground:         underground

Heathrow Express Entrance

On arrival at Paddington in West London you will need to make further arrangements for completing your journey. Paddington is a busy mainline station where you can make the transfer onto the National Rail network or London underground tube system. There is also a busy Taxi Rank for continuing your journey by cab.

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