New Years Eve in London

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Although many parts of Central London are shut down to traffic from around 8pm on New Years Eve the transport system does continue to operate. One good thing is that the congestion charge is cancelled for the evening if it falls on a weekday (weekends are always free). In-fact the public transport fares are free with major companies sponsoring all fares for the evening and early hours (11.45 pm till 4.30 am) on bus and tube. However certain stations around places such as Trafalgar Square are closed around midnight to avoid crushing as the large crowds disperse from central London. It should still be a relatively short walk to the next open station. Traditionally Trafalgar Square has been the focal point of seeing in the New Year, be warned however that the square can be hugely crowded around the midnight hour. From the Square the crowd listens to Big Ben count down the new year and then the traditional cheer goes up as midnight hits and the new year dawns. In more recent times a huge free-to-view firework display is held at the London Eye. So large in fact that the display is visible over huge parts of London. In Trafalgar Square the event is relayed on giant screens. Before the display there are various events around the London Eye with the climax being the huge ten minute firework display after the stroke of midnight. Be warned however that Westminster and Waterloo Bridges will be shut for the night.

New years day parade
On New Years day itself London hosts one of the best street parties in Europe with the New years day parade. Thousands of artists from across the globe take part in this annual street event. Starting from Parliament square at noon the parade passes through Trafalgar Square before finishing up in Piccadilly.
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